Saturday, 24 May 2008

What is life all about?

What is life all about?
This is indeed food for thought. All of us have different notions about life and also different ways of going about it. In this fast paced world today, have we ever really stopped to think about our lives and where exactly we are heading? I bet most of us have. Even in all hustle and bustle of everyday, people do find the time to reminiscence about all that is past.
I am basically a friendly person and love life. I embrace each day as it comes and live every moment. There are time when I just sit in the balcony and wonder what life holds for me a few years down the line. But this can be dangerous at times, because there is a lot of difference between wondering what life will be like and wanting life to be a certain way. This just leads you to build up unnecessary expectations and then get disappointed if they are not fulfilled. Does that mean we should not dream? Ofcourse not. Dreams are an intergral part of life, but we must have the will to transform our dreams into reality. But now if you dream of marrying Bill Gates's daughter, then fat chance. Maybe not for all but yeah surely for some of us. Dreams do lead us to our destinations. I suggest if you have not read it already, you should read The Alchemist by Coelho.
We go through so many different phases in our life and each one moves to give way to another and these just become passing clouds. Have you thought about this? While growing up, we had such simple wishes and fantacies and yet as we grow older, our dreams take the form of greed. We know that we have more than many others in the world but still we yearn for more and more. The need for more is always on. We compare ourselves with other people and covet what they have not being just satisfied. Where is this going to lead us? To another level MORE, as though it is not high enough already. I guess people have got what we can call the MORE Syndrome.This is my way of thinking and I know for sure, there are many more out there who will debate with me about this. So what are you waiting for? I cant wait to hear from all you people about what you think and what you have got to say.
Lets get blogging people...