Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A new life

I remember writing a post over fours years ago about my friend's wedding. And now I find my self in a similar stage in life..

From being my parents' princess to someone's wife -  the transition has already began. But the process was made all the more easier because my husband has accepted me for who I am! In fact, by some bizzare twist of fact, he actually loves the person that I am! Strange indeed ! ! !

The wedding itself was a grandeur in itself with many people coming in from far and across to bless us. That was the best part. We had people who had known us both as children and seeing them get emotional, made us realise how much they cared for us. It brought in a bit of tears but also a sense of realisation that we have family and friends around who treasure us.

The festivities are over. I am officially married! Tied the knot! Jumped the broom! Call it whatever term you like, the fact remains that I am no longer single!

I have married a very sweet, caring and  amazing person and we are just settling into our new life. We are just getting to know each other intimately.
Didn't I know the guy before, you ask me? Well not exactly. It was a typical traditional Hindu way of match making. We mostly got to know each other over the phone. And its not the same - talking long distance and actually living with the person. You get to know all those annoying little habits that you'll have to either endure for the rest of your life or try and change. This would be for both of us, by the way.

It feels surreal that I actually have this person who has walked into my life and now my whole world revolves around him. Its as my husband often says, there was some Divine intervention.

Its now three months since we got married and we've had more than our share of sadness but that only helped our bond grow stronger and brought us closer to each other. It made us realise how important it is to treasure all those simple and routine moments in your life because by the end of it that is what you will treasure the most.

Its been one hell of a roller coaster ride! From good to horrible to neutral. And that ride has now brought us to a different country where we try to start our life. This is also a new experience and we are both taking it as it comes.Its new, its scary and we are miles away from home!! But what my strength is right now is that I am no longer alone. I have my rock,my husband right beside me. And together we will deal with whatever life has to offer us.

To all those who despair, believe me, love does happen. And when it comes knocking your way, you will be swept of your feet just as my husband did and still does keep amazing me every single day.I have finally embraced the love that came my way.